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My coaching is based in helping people become the leaders of their lives.

We use the concept of self-leadership to guide the way:

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The best way to achieve self-leadership is to connect in with your values, take responsibility for your dreams, and make the space for yourself to grow and thrive.

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Is your soul yearning for more?

Maybe you don’t quite know exactly what you need just yet, but…

You’ve spent A LOT of time people pleasing your ass off building a life on what everyone else thinks you need without taking your own needs and wants and desires into consideration.

You’ve been living life based on the “shoulds” - I should have this fancy job title, this relationship, this salary, this brand of makeup, this way of practicing spirituality, this…life.

When people ask you how things are going, it’s easier to say, “Everything is going fine!” instead of how you’re really feeling.

You’re tired. I know you’re tired.

And when you take the time to get quiet with yourself, you feel that little voice inside say that something’s off. Something’s not quite working. Something needs to change.

And you’re so ready.

  • Ready for a life where you get to call the shots. Where you make the rules. Where you’re free to make your own choices and decisions because they’re what’s best for YOU.

  • Ready to realize the gifts you’ve got inside that are dying to come out.

  • Ready to get messy and start challenging your inner critic to reframe the stories you’ve been telling yourself for too long.

  • Ready to step into your worthiness and claim the self-leadership that’s been waiting for you all along.


How would it feel to step into the driver’s seat to create a life that is aligned, connected, and completely lead by YOU?

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Believe me, I feel you.

I understand what it’s like to fade into the background of my own life instead of stepping up into the fullest version of myself.

I haven’t always known self-leadership the way I do now. A few years ago, I was thrust out of graduate school and into the “real world.” What I thought I wanted, what I went to school for, this thing I invested so much time and money into...I realized it wasn’t for me. My heart was broken, and my dreams were shattered. Sounds dramatic, but seriously. It felt like I had completely lost what made me special and unique.

It took months of confusion, fear, second guessing my decisions, and inaction before I decided to stop waiting for my life to magically change and actually make the bold choice to do something about it.

Once I decided to screw what everyone else thought and start making the decisions that were the best for me, I started to see the light.

Once I figured out that I was WORTHY of the life I dreamed of, things started falling into place in ways I had never imagined.

Once I got clear on what I wanted and let go of the bullshit I told myself that held me back, I found what I had been looking for all along:

self-love, connection to myself and my intuition, and leadership of my own life.

I want to help you find that too.

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What if instead of:

-Feeling stuck and unsure about where you fit into the “real world”

-Being disconnected from yourself and your intuition

-Wondering if you have to second guess every decision you make because you’re afraid that you might be making the wrong one

-Being held back by the stories your inner critic tells you about why you CAN’T do something

-Asking everyone else what they think you should do instead of listening to yourself

-Struggling to find your purpose and what you actually want out of this amazing life…

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Coaching could help you:

-Be confident about where you’re headed in life

-Feel more connected to yourself and your intuition than you’ve ever been

-Turn inward to ask for guidance instead of seeking all the external validation

-Start rewriting the stories from “I can’t” to “I absolutely can, and I will”

-Stop following everyone else’s lead and harness your own self-leadership

-Come home to yourself in a life full of thriving self-care, self-love, and connection to yourself and the world around you


You deserve to get everything out of your life that you dream of - and more.

Jess actively listens and reflects back in such a simplistic and thoughtful way. I felt like she was saying things I knew in my heart of hearts but for one reason or another would always get jumbled on the way out of me and into the world.

Every statement I said, every part of my life that was opened up was so welcomed and she took all of my ups and downs in such beautiful stride. It’s as if she’s seen/experienced it all and holds no judgement to anything that you could bring to her. I truly had a space with her where I felt free to be 100% vulnerable and truly do the work I know I needed.
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Whitney O.


My mission is to help you embody your worth,

to love and trust yourself deeply,

To help you fully and beautifully

step into the leadership role of your life.

Becoming the leader of your own life requires you to:

-connect in with your values

-take responsibility for your dreams

-make the space for yourself to grow and thrive

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Ashley O.

My coaching experience was motivating, empowering, and eye-opening.

Through coaching with Jess, I have gotten so much more comfortable saying, “No.” The persona I had built for myself and so many of the relationships established with that persona allowed people to ask anything of me at any time. It didn’t take long, though, for me to be stretched beyond my limits, and for me to become resentful of a person who was only doing exactly what I taught them was okay. Now, I’m setting boundaries with the people I love the most, demonstrating to them that I trust them to handle their own lives and problems, and am willing to help within reason, but that I have to prioritize my own needs to be able to be there for anyone else.
— Ashley O.

How can we work together?

Investing in yourself is the most powerful form of self-care you could ever do. By committing to yourself in this way, you’re telling the universe that you’re ready to make yourself and your big dreams a priority.

I have two different coaching offerings available to help you find a way to work together that feels right for you.

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Vicki S.

Before working with Jess, I was struggling with feeling connected to myself. I was desperate for a change.

Jess immediately put me at ease with her vivacity, her capacity for holding space, and her empathy for my goals- and reaffirming that getting space to focus on myself was incredibly important.

Coaching with Jess helped me feel confident in who I am, in what I like and don't like, and more willing to hold space for myself first.

Empowerment Hour

-one 60-minute session to help you get clarity around an area of your life that needs to be revamped/hashed out

-laser-focused session that can go in whatever direction you choose

-you’ll walk away with written action steps and personalized recommendations so you can move forward confidently knowing exactly what your next steps need to be

-30-minute follow up chat within 30-60 days to see how you’ve progressed and to keep the forward momentum going for you

Investment for empowerment hour

(60-minute session + 30-minute follow up):


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Jessica B.

When I first met Jess, a lot was happening! I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, basically. I’ve known for a little while now that I was meant for something more, especially when it comes to helping other women, but I had no idea what to do or how to get there.

My Empowerment Hour session with Jess was wonderful, empowering, and uplifting. I got so much clarity and validation from our session, and the combination left me feeling like I was on such a high! 

Jess helped me realize that my voice has value and is valid and I should definitely keep sharing that with the world. That was definitely my biggest takeaway from our session together!

I’ve witnessed myself becoming so much more confident and sure of myself in basically every single aspect. I don’t second guess myself as much, and I trust myself, my intuition and the universe. I’ve felt more connected with my husband than ever before, I’m more confident about being choosy about my next job, and the list goes on and on! So many changes, shifts and breakthroughs have happened in the last month or so, and Jess has been a big part of that.
— Jessica B.

 Inner Leadership Intensive

This coaching series is for you if you’re...

-ready to step up and be the leader of your life instead of fading into the background

-feeling the call to incorporate more love and connection into your life

-ready to honor that craving for a big change in your life

-excited to jump in head-first and start working towards the life you know you’re meant for

-committed to spending some extra time with yourself through this process

-fired up by the thought of living an aligned and authentic life

-ready to have fun and get a little bit messy in the process of finding your clarity

You might be asking… “Okay, so what will I actually get in a coaching series with you?”

A coaching series is so much more than just our sessions together.

Here’s everything you’ll get as part of your 3-month coaching series:

-30 minute Clarity Call and questionnaire to help get to the bottom of exactly what it is you want to achieve in your coaching series

-6 biweekly one-hour sessions via Zoom call where we will set goals and actions to move you closer to where you want to be

-Full email and Voxer support between sessions to support you and move you forward even when we’re not face-to-face

-Extra activities and worksheets that relate to your goals

-Typed notes with action steps and recommendations from me after each session

-A special gift handpicked by me <3

Investment for 3-month coaching series:


(or 1 payment of $667 - Save 10% if you choose to pay in full)

So what do you think?

Does the thought of coaching excite you, but you maybe still have some fears creeping around in the back of your mind?

Or maybe you’re feeling like you’re not worth this investment?

I get it. Putting yourself first and making a commitment like this can be scary! I want you to say yes to coaching because it’s right for YOU. Remember that you’re already worthy of investing in.

Right now as you are.

Coaching with Jess has helped me find the confidence to live a life that is more aligned and the courage to find my fulfilling, inspiring, dream career. Jess helped validate my feelings, and let me know that it was 110 percent okay to do what I want. She helped me see that I didn’t have to stay stuck in a soul-sucking career.

If I had to sum up why my coaching experience was so powerful, it would be the feeling of being seen and heard in a compassionate and judgment-free space. I just can’t thank Jess enough for this experience.
— Kayley W.
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