Big dreams are always welcome here.

hey, I’m jess, It’s so nice to meet you.


My coaching practice is built on the belief that you, as you are, are already enough. That’s right.

You’re worthy right now of having the life you want and the dreams you yearn for.  

My job is to shine the light to help guide your way.


Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a millennial living in the middle of the US (Kansas City, MO) with my lovely wife, Rachel, and our fur baby, a three-legged pitbull named Ronnie (aka, my pride and joy).

When I’m not supporting my lovely clients, I spend my free time working at the public library, crafting, reading, falling down Wikipedia rabbit holes, and listening to podcasts.


That’s the short story. To tell you my full story, we’ll need to travel back in time a bit…

It’s 2016, and I’m fresh out of graduate school. I’ve just finished my master’s degree in voice performance (basically opera singing), and I’m proud of that accomplishment, but inside I can feel that something’s wrong. The honest truth is: I don’t want to be a singer. This isn’t the lifestyle I want or the way I want to spend my time.

Don’t get me wrong…my experience in school was great, but it was also a place where comparison-itis, unworthiness, fear, and doubt were constantly in the air. My time spent living and breathing all of these feelings was exhausting and constantly made me question my talents, my worthiness, and myself.

These feelings eventually called me to examine my life and see if there was a better way. Once I took my own journey to start digging deeper into what I truly wanted, I realized that there was SO MUCH out there that I had yet to explore. Going to school for something and then realizing that path was no longer meant for me was terrifying, but it was liberating, too. It was messy, and I was confused…but I was free.

I had spent 8 years in music school putting myself into a box and finally gave myself permission to break free and just be ME.

I desperately needed to go on my own self-love, self-trust, and self-connection journey to rediscover who I was underneath all the labels and expectations. I broke away from the path expected of me to find new joys in a different area entirely, and well…that’s how I ended up here.

I became a life coach to help people live the lives they want instead of being stuck in the lives their family, teachers, or peers told them they should want. My mission is to help you see that you don’t have to stay on a path that isn’t serving you. My job is to lovingly support you and guide you in your life’s path and journey that is fully aligned with the person you are now. Your biggest and wildest dreams are absolutely within your reach, and nothing excites me more than helping you achieve them.

The biggest way I can help you realize and achieve those goals is through coaching. Together, we can work 1:1 to get super clear on what’s missing or not working in your life right now and then take that journey to get you closer to where you most want to be. A coaching series can be a life changing journey, and I would be honored to take that journey with you.


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