The BEST Way to Find Balance in Your Self-Care Practice

how to find balance in life

How do I stop procrastinating on boring self-care for the stuff that’s more fun?

I’ve gotten this question for several people stated in a few different ways, so I thought this would be a great question to tackle in blog post form!

Self-care - it’s such a beautiful and necessary thing, but as I’m sure most of us know, miiiiight be taken to the extreme sometimes.

Maybe we have tasks on our to-do list that are truly self-care, but are maybe the less glamorous parts - the appointments, therapy, bills, the list could go on forever. So often, we’ll put those tasks off in favor of the fun self-care  - going out with friends, Netflix binges, happy hour after work, you get the drill.

Believe me, I have definitely been the person that’s like…”I really need to clean, but I’d rather binge watch Game of Thrones, soooo imma do that instead, ok?”

But let’s be honest, the boring and hard stuff is a big part of self-care, too. It’s not just the face masks and sparkly nail polish, but sometimes it’s finally calling and making that doctor’s appointment or getting your taxes done.

So now the questions is: how can we balance the boring parts with the fun parts of self-care?

The truth is: we have to balance the fun and boring parts of self-care to truly get shit done.

Most of the time, I prefer looking at life through a flow lens, focusing less on “balance” and more on the ebb and flow of life. However, balance in life does have a time and a place, and I think this question has everything to do with balance.

When you’re staring at the to-do list for the day, of course, the part where you’re going to take a bubble bath is going to be a hell of lot better than that task to call the student loan company to ask about your bill. But let’s think long term for a minute…

Ask yourself: what task is going to make you feel better?

The bath will undoubtedly feel amazing, but calling the student loan company? Imagine the feeling of relief knowing that task is done and finished. How much more amazing will your bath feel knowing that?’ll feel like a freakin’ dream, that’s what.

Try to start thinking about the fun and restorative parts as self-care for your less fun adult-y tasks, and that’s where your balance will take over.

The Nitty-Gritty

My style is to do the hard task first. I’ve always been this way - work first, play later.

This way, you can have some time to care of yourself in fun ways to celebrate taking care of the difficult tasks.

Get specific!

Try making a list of the things that MUST get done this week. That not-so-fun stuff that you know will make your life easier and exponentially better if they do get done.

Look at your week, and break those tasks up by day - what will you have time to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on?

Now that your tasks are placed on specific days - think about the good, soul-filling self-care that you can do to balance those hard tasks. Add those into your calendar, too.

Be Flexible

Commit as much as you can to those hard tasks, but remember the fun self-care tasks can shift and change based on how you’re feeling that day. Ask yourself what you need in the moment, and let that guide you to however you need to take care of yourself that day.

This process works beautifully for me, but you might find that something different works for you. However you can make it happen and take care of yourself in the process is fine with me!

As long as you’re getting shit done and being nice to yourself, you’re doing the thing!



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