So...what exactly IS life coaching anyway?

what is life coaching

It’s inevitable. Once I enrolled in life coaching school, then once I started taking on pro bono clients, and now that I’ve officially opened my doors to coaching clients, I’ve been getting the same question:

“What exactly is life coaching?”

And it’s a great question!

Some of us have experience with counseling or therapy and tend to lump life coaching into the same category. Yes, it can absolutely be similar in some ways, but’s completely different than anything else.

What Is Life Coaching?

Do you have goals you’ve been wanting to achieve but haven’t quite been able to make it happen on your own? Or are you unhappy with a specific area in your life but haven’t been able to find the time to devote to changing it? Or maybe you need more clarity around a specific part of your life or big decision, and you could really use someone to listen, ask the right questions, and support you through it.

A life coach can support you with all of this and more.

In essence, a Life Coach is someone who holds the space for you to more deeply connect with yourself and the goals you have for your life. A space where you will be held accountable, motivated, encouraged, and challenged to go deeper.

Coaching is a place where YOU come first. Not your partner, or your job, or your kids...YOU. There aren’t a whole lot of spaces in life where this consistently holds true, but in coaching, it does. This process of working with a life coach is about all about YOU - your dreams, desires, and goals.

Working with a coach is a great way to get unstuck, get more clarity around a certain area of your life that just isn’t working, and to be supported by someone who is cheering you on and supporting you 100% of the way.

It’s definitely worth telling you that every life coach is different, just as every human is different. Each coach has gifts and skills they bring to the table, and the perfect life coach for you may depend on what area in your life you want to focus on or what types of personality you resonate with.

How does life coaching work?

Just as every life coach is different, every coach’s process will vary slightly. I can only speak for myself here, but you can always ask a coach you’re interested in working with for more details on their specific process.

Life coaching with me will start with an application for a 30-minute Clarity Call.

You will fill out a questionnaire including several questions that help you get to the heart of what you want out of coaching and what you’re wanting to change about your life. You’ll be asked about which parts of your life are working and which parts aren’t working as well.

This process alone can be incredibly valuable, especially if you haven’t been able to quite put your finger on what needs to change.

After you fill out the questionnaire, you’ll be invited to schedule a Clarity Call.

This is a completely free call built for us to look deeper into your questionnaire and to figure out whether or not coaching is a good fit for you right now. It’s 100% risk-free and truly focused on you and what you need right now.

If you decide that working with me is a good fit, we’ll move forward and begin a coaching series.

This is a 3-month series where we will meet a total of 6 times, every other week, for 12 weeks.

The Coaching Series

Our first session will be focused on goal setting - identifying specific goals that are inspiring and perfect for you.

Our following sessions will be all about setting actions to move you closer to your goals.

Though our journey together, we’ll get into all sorts of conversations around your goals and the actions you’ve been taking along the way that will ultimately bring more you more understanding and clarity about your goals, and more importantly, yourself.

You will also have support between our sessions for you to get feedback on the work you’re doing or even just to bounce ideas off of me when you’re feeling stuck. I’m here with you all the way through this journey, not just during our sessions.

Of course, there’s more that will go into a coaching series, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what the process would look like in coaching with me.

If you have more specific questions about whether or not coaching is right for you, my Work With Me page is a great place to start.

Or, if you’re ready to apply for a 30-minute Clarity Call, apply by clicking the button below!

Jess Wagner