8 (Mostly) Free Ways to Practice Self-Care When Life is Too Much

free ways to self-care

When life gets overwhelming, so often the first thing to go is taking care of ourselves. I’ve thought about this time and time again wondering why the first thing I’ll begin to neglect when I have a million other things to worry about is me.

It’s the same old story: life gets stressful, I get overwhelmed, I neglect myself, and stop listening to what I need. I get through the stressful situation feeling exhausted and ragged – rinse and repeat.

But what else can we do? So often, we feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of ourselves and everything else too.

But think about it this way: if we can find a way to prioritize ourselves in these periods of overwhelm, we will come out of it stronger, happier, rejuvenated, and ready to take on what’s ahead.

The alternative is to run ourselves dry with nothing left to give at the end of the day. Taking the time to take care of yourself now will give you MORE time and energy in the long run.

Plus, self-care just makes you feel good. Who doesn’t want that?!

This doesn’t even have to be time-consuming. Even 15-20 minutes of self-care can shift your attitude and get you back on the right path.

Here are 8 (mostly) free ways to take care of yourself:

Soak in a warm bath

Mmmmm – who doesn’t love a warm bath? Actually, I do know people that hate baths, so if this is you, just move right along.

But, there is something so relaxing about running a warm bath, and taking the time to just relax. Oils, salts, or bath bombs are great ways to make for a more luxurious experience, but none of that is necessary. Just you, a clean bathtub, and some warm water is all you need to chill for a bit, and let your troubles melt away.

Read a good book

There’s nothing like getting lost in a great story. Immersing yourself in a book is a wonderful way to practice self-care. Just make sure that you’re reading something that allows for a bit of escape, whatever that looks like for you.



Seriously, I can’t even tell you how quickly this can change my mindset and turn a day around. Sometimes, we simply just need a change of scenery. Being cooped up in the house for too long can be lonely and isolating, so GTFO for a little bit. It doesn’t have to be long.

Take a walk, or run an errand (preferably a relaxing one), or even take a little drive somewhere.

Reality TV

Alright, so this is a huge vice for me, but there’s nothing that helps me escape more than a great episode of reality TV.

There are varying levels of trashy you can go with this, so you just do what’s comfortable for you. But, I will say, checking out of your life and checking in to someone else’s can be a fun escape for a little bit. But hey, if this isn’t your thing…I get it.


The best things in life are free…and often right in front of you if you’re paying attention.

This may not sound like your traditional form of self-care, but taking a moment to reflect on those things in life that you’re grateful for can be SO powerful. Taking the time to do this allows you to reflect, reset, and remember those really good things in life.

Reach out

Entrepreneur life can be lonely. I get so wrapped up in work that I find myself neglecting the beautiful relationships in my life from time to time. If this is missing for you, reaching out to your loved ones is a great way to practice self-care. Those lovely people are probably missing you too, so this is a win-win for everyone!


Do you ever feel exhausted after scrolling through social media for the 100th time a day, thinking to yourself, “why can’t I quit you, Facebook?” I hope it’s not just me who does this.

One of the greatest ways to practice self-care for me is to unplug – putting my phone on airplane mode and hiding it from myself for a few hours. My mind clears, my thoughts slow down, and I’m more present in real life. It does wonders.

Get It Done

Working from home presents an interesting problem – how do I keep on working when I’m staring at all of these things around the house that desperately needs to get done?

If you’re the same way, try to set aside a little time and just do them. For me, these things can be SUCH a distraction and start piling up quickly. I find that it’s better to just set aside a little bit of time to accomplish some of those things so that when I go to work, my mind and my conscience are more clear.



Hopefully this will give you some ideas for taking care of yourself when life is just too much. I hope you’ll come out on the other side rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

Jess Wagner